L-alanine powder
  • Product Name: L-Alanine
  • Appearance: White Crystal Powder
  • Application: Nutrition Supplement & Food Additive
  • CAS NO.: 56-41-7
  • Molecular Formula: C3H7NO2

L-Alanine is an organic compound, the L-enantiomer of alanine. It is colorless to white crystalline powder in appearance. L-Alanine powder is soluble in water, ethanol, insoluble in ether and acetone. It acts as a diaminopropionate ammonia lyase inhibitor and essential metabolite. It can be used in biochemical research, tissue culture, liver function assays, components of infusion, and precursors of chemical and pharmaceutical products. In addition, as food additive, L-Alanine amino acid can be used as flavor enhancer to increase the flavoring effect of condiments, used as sour taste corrector to improve the sour taste of organic acids.

What Is L-Alanine Used For 

The sweetness is 1.2 times that of sucrose, which has the effect of enhancing freshness and flavor. L-alanine powder can improve the taste of artificial synthetic sweeteners, increase the sweetness and reduce the dosage.

Used in beverage. It can relieve peculiar smells such as astringency and bitterness, and reduce the irritation caused by unpleasant tastes. L-alanine amino acid can enhance the fullness and complexity of the taste, prolong the aftertaste, and soften the mouthfeel.

Used in condiments. Because the chemical has a cool and sweet feeling, small molecular weight, it can mask the irritation of the food entrance and make the taste more mellow and full.

L-alanine amino acid can improve the nutritional value of food. In all kinds of food and beverages, adding L-alanine powder can significantly improve the protein utilization rate in food and beverages. Moreover, alanine can be directly absorbed by cells.

  • L-alanine powder is an important raw material for the synthesis of VB6.
  • The injection with L-alanine as the main component can treat liver and encephalopathy, promote the rapid recovery of patients with hepatic coma. Meanwhile, t is also a good diuretic medicine.
  • Used as a sugar substitute. Additional L-alanine supplement stabilizes blood glucose levels in diabetic mice. The blood sugar level in diabetic patients is lower than normal, so L-alanine may be used as glycogen in diabetic patients.
  • Supplement the amino acids needed by the human body, provide nutrition and enhance physical fitness.
  • Meet energy needs and quickly restore muscle metabolism.
  • Relieve ketosis caused by intense aerobic exercise, which is beneficial to the recovery of the body after exercise and invigorates the spirit.

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